Weekend Prayer Vigil

Men's Weekend #58

April 18-21, 2024

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  Day Hour Name Palanca
Thursday 5-6 pm Angela Feltz Rosary and prayers.
Thursday 6-7 pm Berta Saucedo . Ofrecimiento de obras.
Thursday 7-8 pm Giannine Morris Adoration
Aurora Gardner Rosary and Mass
Thursday 8-9 pm Gumercindo Cano Oraciones de la noche
Thursday 9-10 pm Amelia Santo rosario
Debbie Ferreri Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Thursday 10-11 pm Ovidio cano Visita al Sant�simo
Thursday 11-12 midnight Octavio tellez Night Prayer
Friday 12-1 am Debbie Ferreri Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Friday 1-2 am Gail Shriver Rosary
Friday 2-3 am Keith Sanford prayer and rosary
Friday 3-4 am Debbie Ferreri Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Friday 4-5 am Ermitino herrera The Holy Rosary and prayer
Friday 5-6 am Amelia Visita al Sant�simo
Friday 6-7 am Carlos juarez Visita al sant�simo
Friday 7-8 am Cheryl Land Rosary
Friday 8-9 am Lucia Espinoza La coronilla ala divina misericordia y la Misa
Friday 9-10 am Berta Saucedo Santa misa
Dick Shriver Grouping, fast from meat and soft drinks
Friday 10-11 am Velma Burke Rosary Liturgy of the Hours Meditations
Friday 11-12 noon Lety perez Mass. 3-Rosarys. Prayer
Friday 12-1 pm Graciela Aguilar Rosario
Friday 1-2 pm Velma Burke Adoration
Friday 2-3 pm Hermano Coronilla a la divina misericordia
Friday 3-4 pm Amelia Coronilla de la misericordia y otras oraciones
Friday 4-5 pm Barbara Foster Divine Mercy chaplet Prayers
Friday 5-6 pm Aurora Gardner Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary
Friday 6-7 pm Judy Pompei Rosary
Judy Pompei Rosary- 1 hr mental prayer
Friday 7-8 pm Dale Powers Divine Mercy Chaplet
Friday 8-9 pm Janet Spraker Rosary
Friday 9-10 pm Gumercindo Cano Coronilla a la divina misericordia
Friday 10-11 pm Lety P�rez Rosary.
Friday 11-12 midnight Ovidio cano Oraciones de la y coronilla
Saturday 12-1 am Sara Carey Hour of prayer
Saturday 1-2 am Angela Feltz Scripture Reading
Saturday 2-3 am Keith Sanford prayers and rosary
Saturday 3-4 am Rita Fay Rosary and Prayers
Saturday 4-5 am Mercedes Posso 7 Rosaries, 7 Divine Mercy Chaplets, 2 Masses and Communions, other prayers
Saturday 5-6 am Gary & Teri Gabor Morning prayers
Saturday 6-7 am Cheryl Rosary
Saturday 7-8 am Berta Saucedo Santa misa
Berta Saucedo Oraci�n de la ma�ana
Saturday 8-9 am Betty Mac Dougall Mass and prayers
Saturday 9-10 am Patty Evans Rosary and prayers
Saturday 10-11 am Irene Scoggins 2 Rosaries, 4 Divine Mercy Chaplets, Mass and Communion
Dick Shriver Morning prayers
Saturday 11-12 noon Barbara Foster Rosary Prayers
Saturday 12-1 pm Leticia perez Rosary
Saturday 1-2 pm Mary Williams Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and prayers
Saturday 2-3 pm Angela Feltz Eucharistic Adoration
Saturday 3-4 pm Aurora Gardner Divine Mercy Chaplet
Saturday 4-5 pm Leticia perez Mass and communion. Rosarys
Saturday 5-6 pm Lynne Connors Holy Mass & Communion Rosary
Judy Holt Mass and Holy Communion
Saturday 6-7 pm Janet Spraker Holy Mass and liturgical music offering
Brenda Wheat Holy Mass and communion and rosary
Saturday 7-8 pm Gumercindo Cano Santa misa
Ovidio cano Santa Eucarist�a
Ermita�o St misa
Saturday 8-9 pm Gretchen Wolkiewicz Rosary
Saturday 9-10 pm Debbie Ferreri Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Saturday 10-11 pm Amelia Santo rosario
Saturday 11-12 midnight Stu McFadden Chaplet of Devine Mercy
Sunday 12-1 am Holy Spirit Prayers and guidance
Sunday 1-2 am Angela Feltz Rosary Meditation and Prayers
Sunday 2-3 am Keith Sanford Prayer and Rosary
Sunday 3-4 am Monsignor Ed Ogidan (Nigeria) I will pray my Mass for your intentions.
Sunday 4-5 am Maryjo densmore Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Sunday 5-6 am Graciela Aguilar Oraci�n
Sunday 6-7 am Ovidio cano Oraciones de la ma�ana
Sunday 7-8 am Berta Saucedo Coronilla ala divina misericordia
Sunday 8-9 am Gail Shriver Morning prayers and Mass
Sunday 9-10 am Dick Shriver Mass and prayers for Team and Candidates
Sunday 10-11 am Mary Williams Mass and Communion
Sunday 11-12 noon Lety perez Rosary and mass
Sunday 12-1 pm Debbie Ferreri Mass and Holy Communion
Aurora Gardner Mass and Holy Communion
Sunday 1-2 pm Debbie Ferreri Divine Mercy Chaplet
Sunday 2-3 pm Cheryl Rosary
Sunday 3-4 pm Carlos Coronilla de la misericordia
Sunday 4-5 pm 4th Day Community Prayers