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The Secretariat

The Secretariat is a service group that guides and coordinates all the phases of the Cursillo movement in our Diocese. The Secretariat is guided by the Pastoral Plan of the Bishop and the Cursillo Movement. It is composed of lay persons and a priest advisor. Members of the Secretariat serve three-year terms, staggered such that every year only a third of the positions in this group are considered for appointment. Members are chosen by a simple majority vote of the Secretariat, with input from the greater Cursillo community.

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Secretariat Members

Spiritual Advisor Fr. Joe Brando


Asst Spiritual Advisor Fr. Alex Waraksa



Term Ending

Lay Director Dick Shriver


English Pre Cursillo Beth Turner


Spanish Pre Cursillo Lupe Cortez


English Cursillo

Guadalupe Espinoza, Maria Leon and Sandra Mora


Spanish Cursillo Amelia Saucedo and Berta Saucedo


English Post Cursillo David Campbell


Spanish Post Cursillo

Ovidio Cano


English School of Leaders Lois Schering


Spanish School of Leaders Israel Figueroa


Secretary Nancy Sewell


Treasurer Lance Lyons


Music Cannon Turner


Assistants to the Secretariat

Coordinator, English Group Reunion Piotr Ulmer
Coordinator, English Palanca Lois Schering
Coordinator, Spanish Palanca Maria Leon
Coordinator, English Parish Representatives Larry Finneran
Database Coordinator Angie Feltz
Editor Rooster Crows Deacon Bill & Toni Jacobs
Webmaster Bogdan Vacaliuc


Secretariat Meeting - Minutes


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