Weekend Prayer Vigil

Women's Weekend #48

February 15-18, 2018

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  Day Hour Name Palanca
Thursday 5-6 pm Berta Sausedo Coronilla ala divina misericordia
Ovidio cano Oraciones y viacruses
Ovidio cano Oraciones y viacruses
Thursday 6-7 pm 1 1
Thursday 7-8 pm 1 1
Thursday 8-9 pm Angela Feltz Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and Meditation
Thursday 9-10 pm Baron P Johnson Rosary
Butch Feldhaus Prayer and Reflection.
Thursday 10-11 pm Agnieszka&Piotr Ulmer Prayers, meditation and Bible reading.
Thursday 11-12 midnight Nancy Kinerson Bible readings and prayers
Friday 12-1 am Mary Williams Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Prayers
Friday 1-2 am 1 1
Friday 2-3 am Deacon Brian Gabor Rosary
Friday 3-4 am Annie Lunn Rosary
Friday 4-5 am Patti dungan Prayer
Friday 5-6 am Aurora Gardner Rosary, sacred Scriptures, work offerings abstinence
Friday 6-7 am Gumercindo cano Oración y meditación.
Judy Holt Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
Friday 7-8 am 1 1
Friday 8-9 am 1 1
Lupe Espinoza Rosary coronilla ala divina misericordia
Friday 9-10 am Giannine Morris Mass and Holy Communion
Friday 10-11 am Sharon Bratta Prayer and Spiritual Readings
Friday 11-12 noon Gail Shriver Pray the Rosary and do meditative prayers...
Friday 12-1 pm Patti dungan Offer my work for the candidates intentions
Friday 1-2 pm Sofia Rosary
Friday 2-3 pm Petrona Saucedo Rosario
Friday 3-4 pm Adrienne Klien Divine Mercy Chaplet and prayers
Friday 4-5 pm Angela Feltz Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Patty Varley Rosary and scripture reading
Friday 5-6 pm Angela Feltz Scripture Reading and Meditation
Friday 6-7 pm 1 1
Friday 7-8 pm Berta Saucedo Rosario
Friday 8-9 pm Dick Prohaska Prayers and Readings
Friday 9-10 pm Gail Shriver Offer up my evening prayers for the weekend
Friday 10-11 pm Baron P Johnson Rosary and Prayers
Mariola & Andrew Cieslik Prayers, Rosary, Meditation, Bible reading.
Friday 11-12 midnight Nancy Kinerson Holy Rosary & Bible readings
Saturday 12-1 am Sara Carey Holy Hour
Saturday 1-2 am 1 1
Saturday 2-3 am 1 1
Saturday 3-4 am Bogdan Vacaliuc Rosary, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Saturday 4-5 am Bogdan Vacaliuc Prayers in front of the Blessed Sacrament
Ovidio cano Oraciones de la mañana
Saturday 5-6 am Aurora Gardner Rosary, Bible meditations, work offerings,
Saturday 6-7 am 1 1
Kathy Mahn Divine Mercy Chaplet; Prayer
Saturday 7-8 am Marianne Hartman Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet
Saturday 8-9 am 1 1
Lupe Espinoza Rosary y coronilla ala divina misericordia
Saturday 9-10 am Berta Saucedo Ofrecimiento de hobras y oración
Saturday 10-11 am Patti Dungan Devotional reading offered for the candidates
Saturday 11-12 noon Adriana Gonzalez Rosary
Saturday 12-1 pm Sheri Palladino Prayer, Lectio Divina
Angulica. Alva Rosario y meditación.
Saturday 1-2 pm Janet Martin Holy Scripture and Rosary
Saturday 2-3 pm Angela Feltz Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Saturday 3-4 pm Martha Green Prayers
Saturday 4-5 pm 1 1
Saturday 5-6 pm 1 1
Saturday 6-7 pm Ted Newsom Mass and prayers
Annette Govero Mass and Holy Communion
Saturday 7-8 pm Gumercindo cano Santa misa.
Saturday 8-9 pm Annette Govero Prayers for each individual on the weekend
Patty Varley Mass
Saturday 9-10 pm Israel Figueroa Oraciones de la noche y meditación
Saturday 10-11 pm Patti Morrison Prayers and meditation
Saturday 11-12 midnight Nancy Kinerson Holy Rosary and Bible readings
Sunday 12-1 am Sara Carey Holy Hour
Sunday 1-2 am Sofia Delgado de Rocha Rosary
Sunday 2-3 am Curt and Kay Sheldon Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Sunday 3-4 am Tim Malo Rosary and scripture reading
Sunday 4-5 am David Campbell Prayers and Palanca
Sunday 5-6 am Aurora Gardner Holy Rosary, Bible readings, Holy Mass
Sunday 6-7 am Piotr Ulmer Bible reading, meditations, prayers.
Sunday 7-8 am Dick Shriver Morning prayers
Sunday 8-9 am Baron P Johnson Mass
Lupe Espinoza Mass.
Sunday 9-10 am Gail Shriver Say special prayers before and after mass for the Team and candidates of Cursillo #48
Patti Morrison Mass and Holy Communiom
Sunday 10-11 am Mary Williams Mass and Communion
Richard Tabler Prayers for all Participants and Team
Deacon Gary Brinkworth rosary
Sunday 11-12 noon Gumercindo cano Visita al santísimo
Sunday 12-1 pm 1 1
Sunday 1-2 pm Gumercindo cano Ofrecimiento de hobras
Patty Varley Rosary
Sunday 2-3 pm Annette Govero Chaplet of Divine Mercy and prayers
Sunday 3-4 pm Berta Saucedo Coronilla ala divina misericordia
Sunday 4-6 pm 1 1