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If I had ever entertained delusions of being adownhill skier, standing in the starting gates of the Streif soon changed my mind. The sheer drop was staggering, but vital, Engelbert explained cheerfully, for the racers to achieve the fastest acceleration possible. Descending on a slightly gentler slope to the side, we made our way to the unimaginably steep Mausefalle (mousetrap) section of the course, the ground dropping down in front of us at a heart stopping angle 85% at the steepest point, Engelbert said soberly. The ensuing descent followed the dramatic racecourse, section by section from the flat, gliding Gschss to the penultimate Hausberg jump, stopping for a well earned hot chocolate and apple strudel at halfway point, the Seidlalm. Trekking down the mountain immersed in the vast natural landscape Louboutins and Engelberts sparkling narrative, I was on such a high by the end of the walk it was hard to imagine how championship racers must feel as they cross the finishing line at speeds of up to 140 km an hour. As I skipped through the

gates, I was buzzing; delighted to have done the legendary Streif, even if Hike Kitzbuehel. Summer Hiking on the Hahnenkamm Modern cable car technology, directly from the sophisticated centre of town Christian Louboutin Outlet to the hiking area on the Hahnenkamm. it was minus the snow and the skis. And in a sublime, slightly surreal, Heaven and Earth scenario, after the dizzy heights of the Hahnenkamm, the next days hike was along the verdant valley floor Louboutin Sale between Jochberg and Kitzbuehel. Taking advantage of the free daily guiding service again, I listened contentedly as Engelbert paid homage to the farming community, taking us past 500 year old farmhouses the oldest in the district their deep overhanging eves a natural shelter for neatly stacked walls of tinder dry logs. In olden times, there was hot water only once a week, Engelbert chimed, on a Saturday, they would get up early and bake the bread then after washing their clothes, they would wash themselves. As well as the historic attractions en route the 15t

h century Schwertern fountain, Louboutin Outlet the Baroque Parish Church of St. Andrew this walk is in fact fantastic for a spot of property watching with architectural examples anging from the newer ecoconscious chalets to the 1930s homeland preservation style buildings of Alfons Waldes era. Back in Kitzbuehel, merely meandering through the cobbled streets of the atmospheric Old Town to luxurious former high society favourite, the fabulous Hotel Zur Tenne, is another unbeatable walk. From the elaborate late Gothic portal above the Casino Kitzbuehel to the haunting sound of the carillon ringing out from St. Catherines Church to Christian Louboutin Discount commemorate World War II casualties, every splendid structure you see is steeped in history. Yet step around the corner and youll find an Aveda spa, a Louis Vuitton boutique and a Kostner shoe shop! Thats the thing about Kitzbuehel, its an extraordinary juxtaposition of authenticity and dynamism; on one hand a near mythical place of picture postcards Discount Christian Louboutin and legends, on the other a

cutting edge destination with almost limitless outdoor activities and first class visitor facilities.
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